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You never know how much stuff you have until you need to pack it up. Packing for a move, even if you have minimal stuff, is a time-consuming journey. It’s a task that may inspire you to do a deep declutter, or by going through your memorabilia, send you on a slow trip down memory lane. That makes packing for a move a huge undertaking, one that you may want to outsource.

Thankfully, we are a professional packing company for moving that can come pack up your home for you. Packing services will handle all the organizing, wrapping, and packing of boxes, from your grandmother’s china to your kid’s toys. 

Mover Packing

Included Packing Services

The Basic Package

No matter how much stuff you want professionally packed, our pro packing service will offer trained packers who will come take care of the items (or rooms) you designate and pack everything effectively and safely. The inexpensive “basic package” just covers the difficult items to pack up: your antiques, china and glassware, etc. Think of it as entry-level packing services: it’s inexpensive and helpful, but it won’t take care of all your packing woes.


The Per-Room Package

Just need your kitchen packed up? Or perhaps you only need help with the pesky storage areas, like the kitchen and the basement? A per-room packing service lets you offload a chunk of the packing work without spending all your cash. This is a great solution if you want to cut down on packing time, but are still willing to do some of the work yourself.


The Full Home Package

With a full home package, the packing service will pack up everything in your home, from the clothes in your closet to the silverware in your kitchen. It’s the most expensive package by far, but it allows your entire packing process to be done in one or two days, without you ever having to pick up a box.

In addition to all the different service levels, you can also decide if you’d like your packing service to provide their own materials, or if you can provide adequate boxes, tape, and packing supplies. It’s almost always cheaper to get the materials yourself, but in some cases, like TVs or dishware, you may find that the specialized boxes the packing company supplies do a better job than a box you snagged from the hardware store. Ask your packing service if they’ll allow you to do a combination of bringing in your own supplies and asking the service to bring a few extras–most will have no problem with that.

We Provide All the Above

Packing Services in Our Flat Hourly Rate

Packing Service

Moving House

Supplies We Provide With $85 Packing Service
Individual bags for shoes, breakables and other sensitive items
wrapping paper
packing tape
cell dividers
packing peanuts
bubble wrap

We Do Not Supply Boxes

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